Design Engineering Services

Joint engineering strength to define, synthesize and add value to the design process

Client expectations are the leading driver of faster design times. With extensive product design and engineering capabilities, Hunter Micro offers our OEM clients a compelling time-to-market advantage. Hunter Micro's engineers pool their resources with our clients to complete product development on schedule while consulting on design, manufacturability, and reliability issues to ensure that products are introduced quickly, without sacrificing quality.


To give our clients a leading edge during the design stage and to ensure a synchronized transition to volume production, we apply our expertise in the following areas:

  • Advanced engineering and technologies
  • Industry and market trends
  • Design and synchronized engineering
  • Testing and process development
  • Global materials intelligence
  • Emerging component developments

Our design engineers are well informed in the latest manufacturing process technologies and current market trends. Our knowledge in the realm of these developing trends, such as new CAD tools and emerging component developments helps our clients bring more sophisticated products to market ahead of their competition.

Our design engineers and procurement team work in corresponding fashion to increase your impact on:

  • Competitive cost structure
  • The raw speed of procuring materials
  • How effectively we can design products
  • The pure speed of time to market
  • Return on investment

The distinctive key to success with regards to the NPI process is the knowledge and ability to design for manufacturability. Our Design Engineering Services affords expert engineering to resolve all quality issues prior to launch, and to prearrange sufficient production flexibility to respond in time to demand shifts. Hunter Micro tunes into recent component developments and fully understands the importance of best cost, fastest time and supreme quality. The more knowledge that can be focused on a client's products, the better and faster they will be received in the market.

Hunter Micro's Design Engineering Services include:

  • PCB Layout and Design
  • CAD software:
    • Allegro Software
    • PADS Software
    • Cadence Software
    • AutoCad 14 Software
    • ORCAD Software
    • PRO Engineering
    • Solidworks
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design & Engineering
  • ICT Test Development
  • DFM and DFT Analysis
    • Comprehensive Alternative Component and Cross-Match Expertise
  • Sheet Metal and Chassis Design
  • Power Supplies
    • Full range of custom design power supply solutions
    • Low profile and high density intelligent power management systems
    • Compact PCI (CPCI)
  • Cable and Harness
    • High-quality and competitively priced solutions
    • Prototype units to unique figurations
    • Total design to full volume production
    • Rapid turn-around throughout the assembly product line.
  • Packaging
    • Client specific packaging
    • Client specific labeling.
    • Custom box design
    • Make use of your existing packaging