Software Design

Hunter Micro offers the following software solutions from SutiSoft, Inc.

SutiSoft is an IT solutions company dedicated to the strategic synchronization of

  • Tailored business solutions
  • Best-in-class security
  • Skilled service resources

to meet our customer’s critical business needs. SutiSoft’s integrated solutions combine superior technology products with world-class implementation services tailored to meet your most mission-critical business requirements.

SutiSoft’s Business Solutions help improve business operations by delivering enhanced operational efficiencies, thereby mitigating business risk. SutiSoft Security Solutions include robust endpoint security and authentication mechanisms, as well as strong identity and access management systems that help companies meet regulatory compliance needs. SutiSoft Service Solutions dynamically extend the capabilities of your IT infrastructure and enables you to keep pace with evolving business needs.

SutiSoft offers business and security solutions. For more details, visit